Lord of Legacy

This website is built for people that want to geek out on the magic online Legacy format.

Data & Analytics


We are scraping the spreadsheets from the Legacy Data Collection Project into a database. Currently, we have data going back to July 31, 2022. We produce various analytics based on this data.

Meta Game

swords to plowshares

We have two reports about the meta. One reveals the complete meta, while the other spotlights winning decks (X-2 or better in challenges).

High Scores



At the end of each year we invite the player with most Top 8's, and the player with the highest winrate (minimum 75 matches played), to a grudge match where the winner gets to call themselves the Lord of Legacy for this year.

The format of the grudge match is Legacy, and we play effectively best of 3 matches. Both players submit two decks (closed decklists), and they play with their first deck until they lose a match with it. Afterward, they have to switch to the next one. Once a player has lost a match with both of their decks, they have also lost the entire grudge match.

You can watch the coverage of the finals / grudge matches here.